"Charlie's Angels" Angels on a String 1977
"Charlie's Angels" Angels on a String 1977

Story: Charlie has given the Angels a three day all expenses paid, paid vacation at an exclusive mountain resort. Sabrina is most excited about the venue as she discovers that an idol, Polish freedom fighter Professor Peter Wycinski, will be at the resort at the same time, there where he will hold a joint press conference with the Assistant Secretary of State before presenting a resolution to the UN on limiting Communist influence in the Eastern Bloc nations. Sabrina is even more excited when she actually is able to meet the Professor, the two who share a secret and private drink together before he meets his son, John Wycinski, who is coming to the resort from his current home in Florida and who he has not seen in four years. Subsequently, she knows that something is not quite right when she spies two shady looking men who seem to be scoping out the Professor themselves, when five minutes later the Professor gives her the cold shoulder, and when she is given the official brush-off by the FBI. She also knows that the look the Professor gave her was not one of embarrassment or unknowing, but rather fear. Sabrina is able to convince Jill and Kelly to help her discover what is going on, which may be difficult seeing as to the FBI security above and beyond what plot may be occurring with the Professor. In the process, Sabrina will truly discover what the "five minute later" look Wycinski gave her actually meant.
Release date: 19 Jan 1977
User Votes: 7.3
Countries: United States,
MPAA Rating: PG
Runtime: 50 minutes
Oscars: None
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